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This is a good Chinese porcelain circular Platter or large plate, made for the export (Canton) market, during the middle of the 18th century, Qing-Qianlong period.

The plate is well hand decorated with much detail in varying shades of cobalt blue, with a glaze of a very soft light blue shade.

The plate has a central hand-painted pattern of bamboo and other flowers issuing from a rocky base with a fence, all within a geometric inner border. The inner rim also has a continuous decorated border design with three sections. 

The reverse is undecorated..

We date this piece to circa 1770.


Diameter *
12.75 in
Height *
1.38 in

18th Century Chinese Platter or Large Plate Blue & White, Qing Qianlong Ca 1770

SKU: P 1885
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