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This is a good Chinese porcelain Tea Bowl which we attribute to a piece from the Tec Sing Shipwreck Cargo, of the early 19th C, circa 1820
The bowl is circular and well hand hand potted, sitting on a low foot.
The bowl is hand decorated, inside and out, in a lotus pattern with a swirl center, all in varying shades of cobalt blue.
CONDITION: NO Damage, NO Restoration
The Tek Sing ("True Star") was a large three-masted Chinese ocean-going junk which sank on February 6, 1822 in an area of the South China Sea, north of Java, known as the Belvidere Shoals. The vessel was about 50 meters in length, 10 meters wide and around 1000 tons.
On May 12, 1999, the wreck of the Tek Sing was discovered by British mariner, Michael Hatcher. His crew raised about 350,000 pieces of the ship's cargo.
The bulk of the ceramics were Chinese blue-and-white tableware, consisting of bowls, tea cups etc, made in the kilns of Dehua, China
Internal Ref: P 1921



Height = 3.5 cm (1.4")
Width = 8.1 cm (3.2")
Depth = 8.1 cm (3.2")

19th Century Chinese Porcelain Blue & White Tea Bowl Tek Sing Shipwreck Ca 1820

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