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This is a high quality Games Compendium, complete with over 8 individual games, all in its original hardwood storage box with a hinged lid.

All the pieces are well made and complete.

The box is made of a jointed hardwood, possibly red walnut and is a high quality piece in its own right.
The box has developed a lovely color and patination from use and wear.
The box lid has two brass hinges and two brass loop catches to secure it closed. The interior is sectioned into different sub compartments by hardwood dividers.

Many different games are included within the compendium, including;
Horse racing game with four cast metal horses
Draughts; 24 piece and 5 spare counters - red, black, beige, brown.
Chess set - well turned hardwood (boxwood?) with king 5.6 cm high
3 sets (1x large, 2x small) of playing cards
2 x whist marker boards and 2 x bezique marker boards
2 x dice shakers in turned boxwood with 2 x dice
Cribbage board (inlaid)
Tiddlywinks - many discs
Two original boards are included; a horse racing 4-part board and a chess/draughts board, both stored in a compartment under the lid as per the images.

We date this fine game to the second half of the 19th century, circa 1870.

Overall a complete, high quality Games Compendium.


Depth *
7.8 in
Width *
12.38 in
Height *
3.15 in

19th Century Complete Games Compendium in Hardwood Jointed Box Many Games

SKU: O 188
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