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This is a genuine period English oak stool, dating to the early / mid 17th Century, Charles 1st Carolean period, circa 1630.
Genuine original stools from this period are rare.
This stool is hand made of solid oak with pegged mortise and tenon joints.
The top is thick with grain running side to side, chamfered edges and pegged to the top rails by 4 x dowels giving a deep overhang. Top side rails have deep hand carved arcaded or nulling, based on a series of small concave arches.
The four legs are turned with classical balusters and splayed front to back for extra stability and end in turned toes which are very worn as expected. The lower stretchers are jointed and pegged.
These original stools were made quite high of 23 to 24 inches, this one being 23.25 inches. Later reproductions and 19th Century copies are generally much lower in height.
This stool has an exceptional natural patination and depth of colour, particularly to the legs, which one would expect with about 400 years of use, wear and repeated polishing.
For similar stools and details see;
Oak Furniture by Victor Chinnery published by Antique Collectors' Club
British Antique Furniture by John Andrews - same publisher.- Page 280.
Very Good Antique Condition for age No obvious restoration Some age related splitting to the oak top.
Please see images.
Internal Ref: F 432



Height = 59 cm (23.2")
Width = 53 cm (20.9")
Depth = 34 cm (13.4")

Charles 1st English Jointed Stool Oak, Early To Mid 17th Century Circa 1630

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