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This is a Chinese porcelain Snuff Bottle or small Lidded Bottle, finely hand painted with flowers, leaves and butterflies and dating to the early 19th century of the Qing Dynasty.

The bottle has a good baluster shape and a small cylindrical loosely fitting lid.

The piece has been finely hand painted in two main panels with under-glaze cobalt blue then over-glaze in green, burnt orange/red, yellow and mauve producing a five color, famille-verte effect with flowers, leaves and butterflies. There is some hand gilded detail to the bottle and its lid. The enamel painting could have been "clobbered" probably in Europe. 

The base carries a square multi character mark hand painted in iron red.

We date this piece to the early 19th century but it could be earlier, back to the late 18th Century. 

This is a very decorative piece.



Diameter *
1.82 in
Height *

3.95 in

Chinese Export Porcelain Snuff or Lidded Bottle hand painted, Qing early 19th C.

SKU: P 1374
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