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This is a very beautifully hand-painted Chinese porcelain blue and white large plate or Dish, from the Qing, Kangxi period, 1662-1722.


The plate / dish is finely potted with a carefully cut base rim and a lovely rich glassy, very light blue glaze and very white porcelain, all pointing to high quality. This plate is a good size of nearly 10 inches diameter.


This is a very beautifully decorated plate, carefully hand-painted in a free flowing style, characteristic of the period, in varying shades of a clear cobalt blue. The central well is decorated in good detail with various flowers emanating from a grassy mound with a rock and with a butterfly and other insects around the flowers, all within two sets of concentric blue circles. The cavetto is richly decorated with a six section border, hand painted with various flowers including aster, flowering cherry, chrysanthemums etc all set within different geometric nappy motifs, within an outer blue circle.


The central base has a recognised and documented Kangxi symbol of a four legged ding (incense burner), hand-painted within a double blue circle. See Page 220 of Chinese Blue and White Porcelain by Duncan Macintosh by the Antique Collectors' Club. There are also three sets of floral sprigs hand-painted around the base rim.


We date this fine plate to circa 1700 or possibly earlier and within the Kangxi period range of 1662-1722.


Overall a very beautiful plate!


  • Dimensions: 

    Height: 2.93 cm (1.15 in)Diameter: 24.9 cm (9.8 in)

  • Condition: 

    Overall Good to Very Good. Two old tight glaze hairlines to the base at the rim of ~ 1.5 and ~4cm that are very difficult to see on the front. NO Chips, NO rim fritting, NO Restoration. Please See Images for detail.

    Chinese Kangxi Mark & period Plate or Dish Porcelain Blue & White, Ca 1700

    SKU: P 2142
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