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This is a very old interesting Chinese porcelain small Bowl of the Longquan Celadon type, which we date to the Yuan Dynasty ( 1279 to 1368) circa 1300, or possibly slightly earlier, back to the Southern Song period. ( 1127 to 1279)


The bowl is well potted on a relatively tall foot. It has slightly stepped sides, rather than a smooth curve. The rim is slightly everted. The thickness of the glaze varies with the glaze fading altogether towards and around the foot where it is patchy, with various small marks , blemishes etc both inside and outside. The bowl has a lovely colour with soft pastel tones of a very light celadon green with very light blue/grey tones, depending on the light. The stepped or chine sides is more easily seen from the rear. Unglazed parts fire to a soft brown colour as with the base section.


The piece is unmarked but for similar pieces see the superb books: (1) Chinese Ceramics by He Li published by Thames & Hudson, 1996; pages 164 to 184. (11) Blue & White Chinese porcelain around the world by John Carswell, pages 107 to 103

  • Dimensions: 

    Height: 1.54 in (3.9 cm)Diameter: 5.01 in (12.7 cm)

  • Condition: 

     Very Good antique condition for about 700 years old. NO restoration. NO damage but some firing faults as expected in this period, with small marks, small pits and uneven glaze. Please see images.


Chinese Porcelain Bowl or Dish Longquan light Celadon, Yuan Dynasty circa 1300

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