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This is a classic desk or table lamp, handmade by Christopher Wray, London England.

The lamp has a classic traditional design in the Art Nouveau style. The heavy circular pedestal base supports a brass column into which a curved tubular arm sits, the arm being able to rotate in the column for left to right positioning. 

The lamp fitting is held by a boss which pivots on the end of the arm, locked in position with a wing nut, thus allowing the lamp to be angled and poised as required. 

The shade is moulded glass.

This lamp is in the Art Nouveau style but was made in the late 1960s.




Depth *
8.25 in
Width *
8.25 in
Height *
23.88 in

Christopher Wray English Desk Lamp Adjustable Brass, circa 1960s

SKU: M 225
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