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This is a Large Plate in the Ledia shape in the rare sought after, hand painted "RED TREES AND HOUSE" Pattern by the renowned Art Deco designer Clarice Cliff.


This superb plate characterises the Art Deco period, combining its geometric shape, powerful simple design and bold colours.


The Trees & House Pattern was one of the first "Fantasque" landscape patterns introduced in late 1929/ early 1930. The majority of examples were produced in orange but this red colour variant is much rarer.


The black printed stamp on the back is the first variation of the Fantasque mark, only used between 1929 and 1930 and is fully recorded.


Overall a very striking plate by this fantastic Art Deco designer.


Diameter 10.75 in

Height 0.75 in

Clarice Cliff Large Plate in Red Trees & House Fantasque Pattern, Circa 1930

SKU: P 1780
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