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This is a very good handmade Inlaid, lidded games box or compendium, complete with a 6-spot Dominoe set, 6 dice and a set of playing cards, which we date to the mid-20th century, circa 1940s.

This is a lovely handmade Treen like games box set or compendium comprising;
A complete set of handmade wood 6-spot dominoes with brass inlaid detail
Six handmade wood dice with inlaid brass detail.
A set of boxed playing cards

All playing pieces are contained in their original box, which is a fine piece in its own right. The box itself is handmade of a hardwood, possibly walnut, with a very well fitting hinged lid. The box has three internal compartments for the game pieces. The box sides are inlaid with brass corners and the lid has been beautifully decorated with detailed brass inlays showing dominoes, dice and playing cards.

We date this game to the mid-20th century, circa 1940s.


Depth *

6 in

Width *

8 in

Height *

2.13 in

Complete Handmade Game Box with Dominoes, Six Dice & Playing Cards, circa 1940s

SKU: O 178
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