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This is a good cut-glass or crystal decanter or wine carafe, hand blown with a waisted shape and dimple moulded decoration with its original mushroom stopper, made of heavy lead glass, and dating to Edwardian England, circa 1900.

This hand blown decanter is heavy and made of clear lead glass. It has an unusual "waisted" shape, giving it a good grip for holding and pouring. It has a very attractive dimple moulded decoration on its upper section. The pontil to the base has been ground out and the base rim shows the many scratches one would expect with its age and use.

This decanter or caraffe has a cut mushroom stopper, which is original to the piece and a very good fit to the decanter.

The decanter is made from Lead glass with a soft grey color and is heavy weighing just over 1 kg unpacked.

This is a spirit or wine decanter size having a volume of about 800ml.



4 in
9.38 in

Edwardian Blown Glass Decanter Dimple Moulded with Mushroom Stopper, circa 1900

SKU: G 381
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