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This is a very rare, fine quality ironstone Wine or Fruit Cooler with two side handles, all beautifully hand painted, made by Mason's, of Lane Delph, Staffordshire, England, circa 1815-1820.
This piece is substantial and heavily potted, weighing about 2.5 Kg un-packed..
The handles are very strongly potted and this piece is quite suitable for its original use on todays dining table.
The piece is all richly hand decorated on a deep mazarine blue ground, with a central bird, butterflies and flowers, which have all been richly hand-decorated, over-glaze in pastel shade enamels and with much gold (gilt) detail as per the images. There is additional gilded detail to the rims and handles.
This is a rare shape and pattern and is known as the: Gold Posies, enamel