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This is a good, hand painted ironstone (stone china) Platter, made by William Davenport and Co., Longport, Staffordshire Potteries, England, circa 1815.


The platter is well potted and hand painted, probably over a blue printed outline, in Davenport's a bold Flying Bird pattern No. 6, with enamels of different colours and shades. This was one of Davenport's standard designs and is shown on various pieces on Page 227 of Godden's Guide to Ironstone & Granite Wears, by Geoffrey A Godden, published by The Antique Collectors' Club. Mason's, Hicks & Meigh and other English Ironstone makers produced ceramics in a very similar pattern around the same time.


The base of the platter carries the blue printed Stone China (Ironstone) Davenport mark, used by the factory between 1810 and 1825.


  • Dimensions: 

    Height: 2.54 cm (1 in)Width: 23.83 cm (9.38 in)Depth: 19.05 cm (7.5 in)

  • Condition: 

     Very Good antique condition. NO Cracks, NO Chips, NO Restoration. Enamels bold and bright.

    Georgian Davenport Platter Ironstone Hand Painted Flying Bird Ptn, circa 1815

    SKU: P 2140
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