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This is a very high quality Coffee Can by the Coalport Porcelain works, Shropshire, England, made during the John Rose period of the late Georgian years, circa 1805.


The coffee can is nominally parallel, tapering slightly to the base, with a simple loop handle with one kink and pointed attachments. It has a shallow foot recess with obtuse corner and is unmarked to the base.


The pattern is beautifully hand-painted in bold enamels in the Chinoiserie / Japan style. The Hand gilding (gold) is richly applied to enhance the pattern with additional gilding to the rims and handle. This fine Japan pattern is known as Nelson's pattern It has all hand painted decoration of a large vase of flowers on a fenced terrace with panels of painted flowers , moths , cranes and lions. Finished with stunning gold gilding, this pattern is very similar to the known Spode pattern number 498. Patterns and designs were often copied by other factories or made as a replacement pieces for other factories tea / coffee services. This beautiful piece dates to Circa 1805

  • Dimensions: 

    Height: 6.61 cm (2.6 in)Width: 8.64 cm (3.4 in)Depth: 6.61 cm (2.6 in)

  • Condition: 

     Exceptional condition. NO Crisps, NO Cracks, NO Restoration. Please see images.


Georgian John Rose Coalport Coffee Can Porcelain Nelson Japan Patten, Circa 1805

SKU: P 2132
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