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This is an early Pearlware cream Jug with a bat-printed family scene made by a Staffordshire potter in the early 19th century, late Georgian period, circa 1815.

The jug has a baluster pear shape on a low foot and a loop handle. The glaze is typical pearlware with a grey-bluish tinge in places.

The creamer or cream Jug is decorated with a good bat printed family scene of a mother and children being served supper by a maid. 

There are no visible makers marks to the base but we attribute this piece to one of the Staffordshire Potteries, of which there were many operating in England during the early 19th century.



3 in


3.88 in


3.38 in

Georgian Staffordshire Pearlware Cream Jug Bat Printed Family Scene, circa 1815

SKU: P 1349
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