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This is a very beautiful example of a Japanese, Arita- Imari porcelain ceramic large Dish or Plate with finely hand painted decoration, dating to the Edo period circa 1810.
This dish is very finely hand painted in great detail, decorated inside and outside around the outer rim, with borders and individual scenes with much gold hand gilded painting throughout.
The principle feature of this piece is the very high quality, detailed hand painted decoration.
The reverse of the dish has a four character ”Fuki Choshun” mark painted in cobalt blue, the literal translation being; Wealth, noblesse, longevity and youth. Reference: see Gotheborg dot com.
We date this piece to the Edo period of the very early 19th century, circa 1810.
Condition: Very Good, NO Chips, NO Cracks, NO Restoration
ARITA WARE is a broad term for Japanese porcelain made in the area around the town of Arita, in the former Hizen Province, northwestern Kyushu island, Japan. Ceramics that were made in Arita was shipped out through Imari Port; hence the term Imari-Arita or Arita-Imari Ware
Internal Ref: P 1919



Height = 30.9 cm (12.2")
Width = 30.9 cm (12.2")
Depth = 5.8 cm (2.3")

Japanese Ceramic Dish Imari-arita Finely Hand Painted, Edo Period Circa 1810

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