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This is a good Ironstone hydra jug or pitcher in a hand painted chinoiserie pattern, made by one of the many Staffordshire Potteries of Victorian, England, circa 1880.

The jug is well potted in the "hydra" shape with a notched snake handle, similar in form to jugs produced by many other makers of the time, notably Mason's Ironstone. 

The pattern is a good chinoiserie design with flower sprigs and other motifs or symbols, probably with a transfer printed outline then hand painted in bold enamels of cobalt blue, light blue/grey, iron red and peach all in varying shades with additional hand gilded details and highlighting.

Similar jugs are shown in the book; Godden's Guide to Ironstone, Stone & Granite Wears written by Geoffrey A Godden and published by the Antique Collectors' Club.

The base carries the pattern number 284 hand written in iron red to the base. There are no makers mark but we have seen a similar jug made by William Kirby & Co of Fenton, Staffs however Victorian England had many potteries operating in the Staffordshire area during this period. We date this piece to the late 19th century, circa 1880.

This jug is in very good condition with no damage.


4.7 in
5.38 in
5.5 in

Jug or Pitcher ironstone hand painted, Staffordshire England circa 1880

SKU: P 1413
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