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This is a very beautifully hand painted Chinese porcelain blue and white Dish or Plate from the Qing, Kangxi period ( 1662-1722), dating to Circa 1680 or slightly earlier
This is a well potted dish with 16 lobes or ribs, a wavy barbed rim, a very well cut foot rim and a very white glaze.
The plate is very finely hand painted in a free flowing style, characteristic of the period, in varying shades of a clear cobalt blue, from the very dark to the very light blue.
The central well is hand decorated with an iconic outdoor hunting scene of two hunters on horseback in a mountainous setting by water and rocks. The hunters are chasing two hares, one of which has been hit with an arrow. The outer cavetto has the 8 Buddhist symbols or emblems among a band of scrolling lotus. The level of detail is superb.
The rear is also beautifully hand painted with 16 upright flowers around the outer rim and two concentric blue rings to the centre, having a Six character Chenghua ( Ming dynasty 1465-87), apocryphal mark within it.
Overall, a very beautiful, finely hand painted, Blue and white Dish / Plate, made in the early Kangxi period of the 17th century, when Chinese porcelain was at its zenith.
Internal Ref: P 1905



Height = 23 cm (9.1")
Width = 23 cm (9.1")
Depth = 4.3 cm (1.7")

Kangxi Period Chinese Dish Porcelain B&W Hunting Scene Chenghua Mark Circa 1680

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