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This is a Kraak or Kraak-ware Chinese Export porcelain Dish or Deep Plate hand painted in a typical Blue and white pattern, made during the reign of Wanli (1573 to 1620).

The dish is potted with a slightly everted rim with a well cut foot rim. The glaze is fairly thick with a lovely light blue tinge to it. The base of the dish displays some "chatter" marks which are irregular radiating lines from the centre to the foot-ring due to an effect produced when cutting the foot-rim and is a characteristic feature on plates from this period, as is the kiln grit adhering to the base foot-ring. Both these features support its authenticity and the date of making
The decoration on Kraak plates and dishes is usually characterised by the free hand painted style and the division of the surface into panels as with this plate. The central field has a bird with asters and insects, all framed in an octagonal panel which is hand painted in varying shades of cobalt blue. The outer section is painted within radiating panels decorated with motifs from nature including flowers and leaves, separated from each other by much narrower panels with small nappy patterns. The reverse has five panels with simple motifs alternating with five narrow panels.
Overall a good Ming porcelain example, which we date to 1600/1610 made during the very early 17th Century during the later years of the Wanli reign.
CONDITION: Good antique condition. NO Restoration. Firing fault to rim in one place. NO Cracks, NO Chips.
Internal Ref: P 2086



Height = 5 cm (2.0")
Width = 28.5 cm (11.2")
Depth = 28.5 cm (11.2")

Kraak Chinese Porcelain Dish Or Deep Plate Blue And White, Ming Wanli Circa 1600

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