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This is a very decorative porcelain Large Chinese Export Bottle Vase or jar with a monochrome ox blood red "Sang-de-bouef" glaze, having a very light green glaze at the top rim, which we date to the 19th century Qing period.


This porcelain bottle vase is well potted without a foot, the base being slightly concave and the glaze being a deep ox-blood red with slight darker flecks.


It has a beautiful thick dark Ox-blood red or flambé glaze known as "Sang-de-Bouef". On close inspection, the glaze reveals small specks, giving it a granular effect the glaze thickening and darkening towards the base of the foot. The top of the neck, inner neck and around the rim has a contrasting glaze of a very light green.


The foot base is slightly concave with an iron oxide colour ring around the outer foot from where the vase came into contact with the air from the kiln. There are no makers marks to the base. This is a heavy vase weighing about 2.75 Kg unpacked.


Overall a very decorative large Chinese Vase.

  • Dimensions: 

    Height: 41.66 cm (16.4 in)Diameter: 19.05 cm (7.5 in)

  • Condition: 

    Good. NO Cracks, NO Crisps, NO Restoration. Some very fine light scratching in places (hard to see) and a tiny piece of kiln grit in the body from the kiln. The red flambe glaze is not consistent all over with some parts being darker. - please see images.


Large 19thC Chinese Export Porcelain Vase "Sang-de-boeuf" Ox Blood Red, Qing

SKU: P 2137
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