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This is a very attractive complete game of Marble Solitaire with a hand turned hardwood board and 33 beautiful agate mineral stone marbles, probably French and all dating to the first half of the 20th century, circa 1930s.

The circular hand turned board is made of hardwood, probably mahogany, with a very good grain figure. The board has 32 equi-spaced holes with an additional one in the centre and a gallery to the outer perimeter. The board has developed a nice soft color and patina from many years of use. 

It comes complete with a full set of 33 (32 Plus 1 spare) early handmade playing marbles.
Early marbles are very collectable in their own right and the marbles in this set are nominally about 9/16 inches in diameter. They are made from agate or mineral stone with a mixture of some lovely colors.

Popular in the court of Louis the XIV, the game was supposedly invented by a nobleman incarcerated in the Bastille in France during the 17th century and was popular in the court of Louis XIV. It is a challenging game for the fan of strategy and skill and became one of the more popular games of the last few 100 years.

To play, place all 32 marbles with one hole left unoccupied in the middle of the board. The objective is simply to remove all but one of the marbles by jumping one marble over another, similar to the game of Draughts. The marble jumped is removed to the gallery around the side of the board.

This is a particularly nice set, with a very good hand turned board and beautiful agate marbles!


Diameter *
9 in
Height *
1.25 in

Marble Solitaire Game Hardwood Board 33 Agate Mineral Stone Marbles, circa 1930s

SKU: O 228
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