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This is a rare, large ironstone pottery jug or pitcher in the Fenton shape made by Mason's Ironstone, of Lane Delph, Staffordshire, England, circa 1815.

The jug is octagonal in section and potted in the rarer Fenton shape with an impressive dragon loop handle. 

The piece is richly hand - decorated with bold enamels of cobalt blue, burnt orange, mauve, green, salmon and yellow, all in different shades and possibly over an under-glaze blue printed outline. The pattern is called; vase and jardinière and is a rare pattern usually only found on Jugs and bowls. This pattern is shown and listed on page 106 of the book; A Guide to Mason's Patent Ironstone Patterns, published by the Mason's Collectors' Club.

This is a heavy jug, with free flowing hand decoration, indicative of the earliest pieces.

The base is well marked with the circular impressed mark "PATENT IRONSTONE CHINA" which is recorded as being probably the earliest impressed factory mark indicating a date of circa 1813-1815 as ironstone was only produced by them from 1813, which is late George 111 period. It also has a cobalt blue printed mark with the widely spaced MASON'S, crown and banner.

Overall a fine, large, Georgian Mason's Jug or pitcher in a rare pattern!



4.75 in
7.75 in
7.06 in

Mason's Ironstone Large Jug or Pitcher Vase and Jardinière Pattern, Ca 1815

SKU: P 1426
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