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These are pair of porcelain blue and white, hand gilded tea cups made by Miles Mason (Mason's), Staffordshire Potteries, England around the turn of the 18th century, circa 1805. 

The cups are well potted with a bute shape, slightly fluted vertical sides with a wavy scalloped rim and with characteristic "7" shaped handles.

They are decorated in the under-glaze blue printed Pagoda or Broseley, chinoiserie Willow pattern, ( sometimes called Boy at the Door pattern), with a border pattern to the inner rim and a blue sprig shrub design to the inner base. They have been hand gilded around the rim, foot rim, handle and lower inside rim in pattern No. 241 as illustrated in the book; Miles Mason patterns and shapes edited by Velma Young and published by the Mason's Collectors' Club, page 269. Many similar pieces are also illustrated in the same book. 

Both cups have the pseudo Chinese square printed mark in under-glaze blue on the base, as documented and illustrated in the book " Mason's The First Two Hundred Years, by Gaye Blake Roberts, on page 124.



3.25 in
4.13 in
2.25 in

Miles Mason Porcelain Pair of Tea Cups Broseley Blue and White Pattern, Ca. 1805

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