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This is a beautiful handmade English acrylic paperweight having a seashore theme with real items and dating to the 20th century, circa 1970.

This paperweight is handmade of real items found at the seashore including a small crab and various different small sea shells, all carefully positioned and encased within an acrylic cylinder. The use of real items found at the seashore makes each piece unique.

The piece has a circular cylindrical shape with a chamfered hexagonal top edge and has a good weight of about 254gm. 

We are not sure of the maker and the piece is unmarked on its base. We date this piece to the second half of the 20th century, circa 1970s.

A very decorative individual and unusual piece for the desk, dressing table or display cabinet.



Diameter *
3.32 in
Height *
1.38 in

Paperweight with Seashore Theme Handmade with Real Sea Shells & Crab, circa 1970

SKU: O 147
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