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This is a beautiful handmade concentric Millefiori, PY cane, Dark Glass Paperweight made by Paul Ysart in Scotland, during his early period, Circa 1930s.
The canes are arranged as two open concentric rings around a six spoke tightly packed centre section.
This is a dark glass weight, which points to an early date, signed with a PY cane as an inner element of the central section, with both letters in pink and with the letters in line. (This is important because there are many fake Paul Ysart paperweights in the market, some of which also also carry the the PY cane but with the wrong colours and with the letters out of line, often with a dropped Y . )
The pontil mark to the base has been partly ground down giving a somewhat matt finish to the central section.
Overall a beautiful, genuine, Paul Ysart Paperweight from his early period in the 1930s.
Paul Ysart History
Paul Ysart was a member of a family of Spanish immigrant glassworkers working in Scotland. He was at the forefront of design and technical ability, reinventing 19th Century French methods of paperweight layout and design. He made his first weights in the early 1930s continually through to 1979, at which point he retired. Paul learned basic techniques from his father Salvador who had used millefiori canes in the 1920s.
Paul was the major force behind the emergence of what became a thriving paperweight industry in Scotland.
Condition: Very Good
Internal Ref: G 442



Height = 6.1 cm (2.4")
Width = 8 cm (3.1")
Depth = 8 cm (3.1")

Paul Ysart Glass Paperweight With Py Cane Early Period, Scotland, Circa 1930s

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