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This is an original metal figurine of a Dancer by Max Le Verrier / Pierre Le Faguays, called GRISERIE, and signed GUERBE, made in France in the Art Deco period, circa 1930 .

The figurine is beautifully sculpted by Pierre le Faguays in collaboration with Max Le Verrier's foundry, as a dancer called GRISERIE which translates to "Intoxication". The figure is typical of the Art Deco period generally. The metal figure has a green patinated original finish and sits on a black marble stepped base.

The figurine is impressed in the casting with GUERBE (which is a pseudonym used by the sculptor) 

Louis Octave Maxime Le Verrier, known more commonly as Max Le Verrier was a French sculptor and maker of Art deco figurines at his foundry in Paris. Today he is known as a pioneer within the Parisian Art Deco movement, creating decorative art objects often made in bronze as well as historical sculptures.

Guerbe, is a pseudonym of Pierre Le Faguays 1892 to 1962. Monsieur Le Faguays sculpted Art Deco dancing figurines and worked closely with Max Le Verrier in his foundry in Paris.


Depth *

3.5 in

Width *

6 in

Height *

11.13 in

Pierre Le Faguays Figurine-Intoxication Signed Guerbe French circa 1930

SKU: M 318
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