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This is a very beautiful hand painted blue and white Chinese porcelain deep plate or dish, dating to the second half of the 17th century, circa 1675, Qing dynasty, the early part of reign of Kangxi ( 1662 to 1722) period.
The plate is very well potted with 24 lobed (fluted) cavettos continuing to the outer rim, which is wavy, then finely hand decorated in varying shades of cobalt 'steel' blue. The glaze is thin and glassy, white with a slight bluish tinge.
The decoration is all hand painted with a central floral pattern of asters set among scrolls within a double blue circle, radiating to 24 panels, then to 8 outer panels, each containing individual floral designs.
What makes this plate special is the level of painting on the reverse with three outer floral sprigs and a 24 section panels, each containing a flower.
The central base has a double blue circle with a four-leaved flower at its centre. This flower motif is illustrated in Willoughby Hodgson's book; "How to Identify Old Chinese Porcelain", originally published by Forgotten Books, in 1907.
The foot rim is very neatly trimmed.
Please study the images for detailed condition.
Overall, a very beautiful technically precise, early Chinese porcelain blue and white porcelain plate, well over 300 years old and in great condition.
Condition: Very good antique condition for well over 300 years old. NO Restoration. Some rim fritting. One small chip to base rim and one very small "hard to see" slice nibble to outer rim. Please see images for detail.
Internal Ref: P 1889



Height = 22.4 cm (8.8")
Width = 22.4 cm (8.8")
Depth = 3.4 cm (1.3")

Qing Kangxi Chinese Porcelain Plate Blue And White Mark And Period, Circa 1680

SKU: P 1889
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