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This is a good set of five early desert plates, all in the Basket Japan pattern, made by Mason's Ironstone, Lane Delph, England and dating to circa 1815-1820.

The plates are well potted with a circular shape, a moulded rim and sit on a low foot.

The pattern is hand painted with typical bold enamels of cobalt blue, burnt orange and salmon, all in varying shades, over an under-glaze transfer printed outline. This pattern is one of Mason's earliest and most popular chinoiserie influenced designs called "Basket Japan", as illustrated on page 103 of a guide to Mason's patent ironstone patterns, circa 1813-1848, published by The Mason's Collectors' Club.

The base of each plate carries one of the earliest impressed Mason's marks stating; "Mason's Patent Ironstone China" in a single line, together with a large blue printed Mason's Crown and banner, dating them to circa 1815-1820.

Overall a good set for use or display.




8.57 in


1.1 in


Set of Five Georgian Mason's Ironstone Desert Plates Basket Japan Ptn, Ca 1818

SKU: P 1624
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