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This is a lovely set of FOUR bowls or deep plates by Mason's Ironstone, England in the Chinese Dragon pattern, dating to the late 19th century, circa 1900.

The plates or bowls are circular in shape with a wavy molded edge.

The bowls are all decorated in one of Mason's rare chinoiserie patterns called "Chinese Dragon" as documented on page 116 of A Guide to Mason's Patent Ironstone patterns, circa 1813-1848, published by The Masons Collectors' Club.

The pattern is transfer printed in an unusual mauve / manganese colour then individually hand painted in bold enamel detail of yellow, green and burnt orange and all with a subtle creamy-honey glaze.

The base of the bowls have a printed rounded crown mark and banner, with Mason's above, and England below, all in a maroon colour, with C 2631 hand painted below, which relates to the painter or pattern series.

These bowls date to the late 19th-early 20th century, circa 1900.

These are very attractive and decorative bowls either for use or display.

************** We have a second set of these bowls listed with a larger diameter *************
                   of 9.88 inches. This smaller set is 8.75 inches diameter.


8.75 in
1.5 in

Set of FOUR Masons Ironstone Bowls in Chinese Dragon Pattern, circa 1900

SKU: P 1344
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