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This is a good quality and complete English handmade hardwood "weighted" chess set game of 32 pieces, in a jointed wood box with sliding top having a Jaques of London label and dating to the late 19th Century 

The chess pieces are made of turned, carved and polished hardwood, with very good detail in the Staunton "Fierce Knight" design. The bases of the pieces are "weighted" with lead inserts and the bases would probably originally have been covered in a felt. Lead Weighted sets like this one have a much nicer "feel" when playing.

Sizes: Kings: 7 cm; Pawns: 3.5cm 

The box is made with dovetailed joints, with a sliding top and a Jaques of London label to the top. It also has a Singapore stamp to the inside which may have been the retailer. The chess set could be earlier than the box. 

Overall a good quality, weighted Chess Set. 



Depth *

4.6 in

Width *

6.6 in

Height *

3.5 in

Staunton Fierce Knight Weighted Chess Set Kings in Jointed Box, 19th Century

SKU: O 260
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