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This is a very beautiful, highly decorative Tall Chinese bottle vase with a monochrome or single glaze colour of a fine sapphire-blue, which we date to the turn of the 19th century late Qing period Circa 1900.


The vase is well potted on a fairly tall foot, having a globular body, with a long cylindrical stick neck. On close inspection the glaze has a beautiful finely speckled texture, the depth of colour draining from the top rim where it is slightly lighter to a darker shade at the foot where the glaze thickens. The foot rim is well hand cut with an orange coloured iron oxide ring just above the foot rim and below the glaze, where the air hit the porcelain in the kiln. This is a heavy vase weighing about 2.75 Kg unpacked.


The blue is a superb shade of dark sapphire / steel /dark sky blue colour. The inner neck area and centre of the base are also glazed. The base carries a hand painted six figure apocryphal Qing Kangxi ( 1662 to 1722) mark but this piece dates later in the Qing Dynasty to circa 1900.


These single colour monochrome vases are often small with heights of about 7 or 8 inches but this is a much larger piece measuring well over 14 inches in height. Its elegant form, reminiscent of the traditional Guanyin vases, was often used to display long branches of plants like willow.


Overall a very beautiful elegant vase.


  • Dimensions: 

    Height: 37.6 cm (14.8 in),  Diameter: 22.23 cm (8.75 in)

  • Condition: 

    NO Damage, NO Restoration. Very good antique condition. - please see images

    Tall Chinese Porcelain Bottle Vase Sapphire Blue 6-Char Mk, Late Qing Circa 1900

    SKU: P 2154
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