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This is a very good English hand made Tot or Shot Tavern drinking glass, dating to the 19th Century, Circa 1830. This is a small, heavy drinking glass made from English lead glass which is relatively heavy and has a soft grey colour. The glass has a tumbler shape with a thick, heavy solid glass base. These glasses were seen in English taverns for taking shots ( tots) of spirit drinks. They were often used for "toasting" where after taking the drink the glass would be repeatedly banged on the table , producing a firing sound - hence firing glass. The base shows good wear around the foot rim from use. There are no chips, cracks or any evidence of restoration.

  • Dimensions: 

    Height: 2.5 in (6.35 cm)Diameter: 2.25 in (5.72 cm)

  • Condition: 

    GoodWear consistent with age and use. NO Damage. Good ring to glass when tapped with a finger.

Tot or Shot Tavern toasting Glass with heavy solid base, Ca 1830

SKU: G 470
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