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This is a rare example of an English Combination Lidded Foot Stool complete with an integral sewing box, hardwood with inlaid detail and dating to the early 19th century, William 1Vth period, circa 1830. Footstools combined with a box are rare.


This is a rare foot stool as it also serves as a storage / sewing box, which is most unusual.


The stool is circular with a hinged lidded top which holds the newly upholstered fabric top, held on by a threaded wooden bolt. When the lid is open it reveals a circular storage space which is most useful ( and secret) . This space may well have been fitted out as a sewing box originally. The hardwood frame, possibly red walnut, is inlaid with a border pattern of different hardwoods, as per the images. The stool is supported on three small fluted porcelain tulip feet. Overall a very pretty and unusual foot stool which could fit almost anywhere in the home and is very usable.


  • Dimensions: 

    Height: 6.63 in (16.85 cm)Diameter: 11.2 in (28.45 cm)Seat Height: 6.63 in (16.85 cm)

  • Condition: 

    GoodReupholstered. Wear consistent with age and use. Some wear and marks to the walnut frame from nearly 200 years of use. Please see the images.

    William 1Vth English circular Footstool / Sewing Box Inlaid Hardwood, Circa 1830

    SKU: F 444
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